European Music and Culture Project

Inquiry (noun)- a seeking for information or knowledge

National Music Standard #9: Understanding music in relation to history and culture.

Our Christmas program is coming up and as 4th graders, you will be singing holiday songs from Europe. In this project, you will inquire the Internet in order to create a deep understanding of the music and culture of Europe. Understanding the background of the songs that you sing will help you in performance. Not sure if you believe me? Here's what some of my fellow musicians say about it:

  • Knowing when and where the composer is from is key to performing a song correctly. French music is incredibly different from German! -Adam, Singer & Actor, NMU
  • Knowing the history and background of a particular song helps me to make a better connection to what I am singing and therefore I can communicate that to the audience. -Karen, Music Teacher, Petoskey
  • [Knowing the background of a song] will help the singers to perform better because they'll be able to put themselves into the mind of the composer and his/her reason for writing it. -Kathy, Singer, Marquette
  • The background of a song, especially from a different country is very important. You should know the origin and purpose of the song, Sacred/Secular, opera or oratorio or folksong, original language, and consider the performance practices and styles of the time and the present to give the most authentic and up to date performance that you can. -Dave, Choir Teacher, Gwinn