Activity Outline

4th Grade Students:
On Day 1 of this activity, you are expected to:

  • Participate in a class discussion to generate questions about European music and culture. What questions can we answer so that we understand more about where our program songs came from? (Example: What countries are in Europe?)
  • Watch this screencast about how to answer our questions using Diigo.

  • Take home the assignment sheet for an "Extra Credit Wordle." Complete at home before next week's class to have a better understanding of the tool we will use for our project (and receive extra credit.)

On Day 2 of this activity, you are expected to:

  • Share responsibilities with a partner in the computer lab.
  • Use resources from our group in Diigo to find answers to your group's question. Document key words from your research in a Diigo topic.
  • Create a Wordle to summarize your findings.
  • Submit the URL for your Wordle to the form on the Student Task page.