In Kindergarten Music at Lakeview, students will learn basic elements of music such as steady beat, loud and soft, high and low, and fast and slow while singing songs that supplement the classroom curriculum. They will also sing in a Christmas program.

Hello, How Are You?

The concept of echo is important in music class. I ask students to echo after me when we're learning new songs and rhythms. In this video, Elmo teaches the concept of echo!

Useful Websites & Apps:

Hickory Dickory Dock (iPad App)- We have used this in class; the children love singing along with the nursery rhyme and playing the games that go along with it! Find sheet music for piano, recorder, or your string instrument.

Kinderbach (iPad App)- Introduce your child to the piano keyboard using this fun program where a different character "lives" on each key.

My Musical Friends (iPad App)- A fun way to introduce children to instruments and their families.

Singing Fingers (iPad App)- Paint and sing at the same time to create musical paintings.