Sounds of Nature

Lakeview students heard some pretty cool sounds in nature this week. Beethoven used sounds like these to get ideas for composing his music!

Sydney R. (4th Grade) heard a woodpecker.

Mitchell L. (4th grade) and Norah L. (2nd grade) heard bird sounds.

From Addison P. (2nd Grade): I heard frogs croaking at camp Saturday evening. I hear birds chirping every day. I hear the neighbors dogs bark.

From Axl S. (4th Grade): Some sounds I heard outside were birds, the wind and leaves blowing .

From Caylee S. (Kindergarten): Some sounds I heard outside are birds and wind.

From Anna P. (4th Grade): These are the nature sounds that I heard:

    • Birds
    • Running Water
    • Bugs
    • Dead leaves
    • Wind
    • Robin Footsteps

From Avalyn M. (1st Grade): When I was outside I heard wind, birds and a leaf blower.